Proofreading and copy-editing journal articles

Publishing in academic journals has become a very competitive business and editors expect submissions to be in perfect or near-perfect condition. As journal articles generally have strict word limits, it is essential that they are written in a very precise and concise way and presented according to the journal’s style guide.

What I can do for you

If you have completed the final draft of your journal article and need editorial help, I can ensure that the text:

  • Is the correct length
  • Contains all the elements specified in the instructions for contributors
  • Is free of errors
  • Is pitched at the correct level for the intended reader
  • Is concise and written in the style of a native English speaker
  • Follows the journal’s style guide in terms of layout, format, and general style
  • Contains correctly formatted references
  • Is consistent throughout

My experience in this area

I have had considerable experience of writing articles for peer-reviewed academic journals, and all have been accepted and published.

I have also copy-edited numerous journal articles for academics from Irish, British and European universities, especially in the fields of humanities and social sciences.

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