Producing revised editions

Revising a book involves substantive editing. It is not just a matter of inserting the new material anywhere in the document: everything must be carefully considered, to ensure that the new content merges perfectly with the original; that the table of contents and index are amended to reflect the new content; and that the outdated material is completely removed. This process can also involve updating the references and bibliography, to take account of the latest research on the subject.

What I can do for you

If you need help with revising a book, I can ensure that:

  • The new material is seamlessly inserted in the correct sections of the document
  • The outdated material is completely removed from the document
  • The section or chapter headings are amended to reflect the new material
  • The content page, index, and cross-references are amended to reflect the new material
  • The references and bibliography are updated, where appropriate
  • The text is consistent throughout

I can also ensure that the text:

  • Is free of errors
  • Is pitched at the correct level for the intended reader
  • Follows an agreed style guide in terms of layout, format, and general style
  • Contains a consistently formatted references

My experience in this area

In my capacity as an academic editor, I have had recent experience in the substantive editing and revision of books, reports and academic course material. In 2018, I completed a course inĀ Rewriting and Substantive Editing, Publishing Training Centre.

Clients from Ireland and Britain include:

  • Cleland Thom, Founding Director, College of Media and Publishing, UK
  • Colourpoint Educational Books, Northern Ireland

I am also working on a new, revised edition of volume 3 of my self-published series for academic publisher Brill.

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