Proofreading and copy-editing for self-published authors

If you are publishing your own book, you should have your manuscript professionally copy-edited and/or proofread.

What I can do for you

I can ensure that the text:

  • Is free of errors
  • Is pitched at the correct level for the intended reader
  • Follows an agreed style guide in terms of layout, format, and general style
  • Follows an agreed referencing style
  • Contains a consistently and correctly formatted reference list or bibliography
  • Is consistent throughout

If you do not have a style sheet or a referencing guide, I can help you to develop one, and then apply it consistently throughout the text

I can also give you advice on various aspects of self-publishing, in terms of:

  • The format
  • The design
  • The content of the preliminary pages
  • The index
  • Obtaining an ISBN number
  • Printing
  • Publicity

My experience in this area

I have had considerable experience of the self-publishing process, having produced a series of three books through my own press:

I have also copy-edited and proofread the books of several self-published authors.

Examples of self-published books I have copy-edited and/or proofread:

  • Tom Seaver, 1916 Fingallian Rebel (2015)
  • Cian Foley, Don’t Eat for Winter (2017)
  • Brian Murphy, Private Life (2018)
  • Senan Cooke, The Enterprising Community (2018)
  • Alan O’Neill, A New Conversation with Men (2019)

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