Converting dissertations into book format

If you are considering adapting your thesis for publication, you may need help with converting the manuscript into a style and format that will appeal to a wider readership.

What I can do for you

If you need help with converting your thesis into a book, I can:

  • Advise you on the publication process
  • Help you to write a proposal, in line with your chosen publisher
  • Advise you on the structure of the proposed book
  • Help you to reduce the length of the whole text or individual chapters
  • Ensure that the text is consistent throughout

I can also ensure that the revised text:

  • Is free of errors
  • Is pitched at the correct level for the intended reader
  • Is written in the style of a native English speaker
  • Follows the publisher’s style guide in terms of layout, format, and general style
  • Follows the publisher’s referencing style
  • Contains correctly formatted references

My experience in this area

Women in Aristophanes, Hakkert Press

I converted my own doctoral thesis into a book, which was then published by a specialist academic press.

I recently completed three relevant courses:

I have assisted several clients in converting their dissertations into publishable formats, as well as advising them on the publishing process.

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