Referencing & bibliographies

If you are having trouble adhering to a referencing style, or need help with converting references from one style to another, you may need professional help.

What I can do for you

Whether this is part of a wider editing job, or a separate job confined just to references, I can:

  • Format your references according to the required referencing style
  • Convert notes and bibliography references into author-date references
  • Convert author-date references into notes and bibliography references
  • Convert one type of author-date references into another type
  • Convert one type of notes and bibliography references into another type
  • Reformat incorrectly formatted reference lists and bibliographies
  • Check that all the sources cited in the text appear in these lists
  • Check that all the bibliographical details are present and correct
  • Ensure that the references are consistent throughout

My experience in this area

As an academic editor, I have had considerable experience in formatting and converting references for academic texts for publishers, self-published authors, and researchers of all types. In fact, this is one of the most important elements of my service.

I also completed a training course inĀ References, SfEP, 2018.

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